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Aeropuerto del Bajio $2.00 DAILY Mar 27 - 30 Mar
Cancun Airport $2.00 DAILY Mar 20 - 25 Mar
Cozumel Aeropuerto $2.00 DAILY Mar 10 - 13 Mar
Guadalajara Aeropuerto $2.00 DAILY Mar 6 - 8 Mar
Guadalajara Centro $2.00 DAILY Mar 28 - 2 Apr
Hermosillo Airport / Downtown $2.00 DAILY Mar 14 - 17 Mar
La Paz Aeropuerto $2.00 DAILY Mar 17 - 20 Mar
Loreto Aeropuerto $2.00 DAILY Mar 16 - 22 Mar
Loreto centro $2.00 DAILY Mar 6 - 9 Mar
Aeropuerto Ciudad Mexico $2.00 DAILY Mar 12 - 12 Mar
Monterrey Aeropuerto $2.00 DAILY Mar 13 - 16 Mar
Playa Del Carmen Centro $2.00 DAILY Mar 19 - 24 Mar
Puerto Vallarta Aeropuerto $2.00 DAILY Mar 8 - 9 Mar
Los Cabos Aeropuerto $2.00 DAILY Mar 6 - 8 Mar
Tijuana Aeropuerto $2.00 DAILY Mar 13 - 16 Mar
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A car rental is a great alternative for transportation during your travels. Whatever the purpose of your trip may be, Fox Rent A Car offers a solution on transportation since you can choose of our many car models available.

You will find economic sedan cars, ideal for small traveling groups or individuals. Also we offer luxury cars mainly for business trips. For bigger groups we have available many models of Vans, SUVs. In addition, we offer trucks for outdoor activities.

We currently have car rentals in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, La Paz, Tijuana, Hermosillo, Loreto.  In the United States we offer car rentals in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Burbank, San José, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Orlando and Miami.

Make your reservation online, Drive us and Enjoy with Fox Rent A Car.